Managing inventory and completing orders can be labour-intensive and complicated if you run an online store. Receiving inventory, packaging orders, and transporting goods are just a few of the numerous moving pieces. Services for fulfilment and warehousing are useful in this situation. These services offer a third-party option for inventory storage, order picking and packing, and customer shipment. A third-party logistics company offers a fully integrated shipping service that comprises order fulfilment and warehousing, but these two components can be offered together or separately.

A significant portion of the order fulfilment process involves warehousing and fulfilment. A warehouse holds goods that are ready for distribution, while fulfilment handles the picking (from the warehouse or fulfilment centre), packing, and shipping aspects of the order process. Together, these two provide a competent, outsourced service to handle the delivery of goods to your clients. In more recent times, eCommerce businesses frequently favour this type of setup for a hands-off approach to order fulfilment. We'll talk about if a warehousing and fulfillment services is appropriate for your company in this blog post.

Describe a warehouse

A warehouse is a sizable area used for the management, storage, and handling of materials or items coming in and going out. Forklifts are frequently used in and around warehouses to help transfer goods into their designated storage areas, as well as to transport goods purchased online that need to be packed and shipped.

The storage of out-of-season goods in warehouses until a time when they are more in demand is another purpose for these spaces. Due to their need for additional room to keep their products in preparation for busy seasons, warehouses are preferred by expanding e-commerce enterprises.


A fulfilment centre: What is it?

A fulfilment centre is related to a warehouse in that it is a big area loaded with storage to keep stock and inventory, but it also offers other crucial elements of the order fulfilment process. A fulfilment centre is likely to hold things for a much shorter amount of time and move items in and out at a much faster rate.

A fulfilment firm offers a fully outsourced service to handle the storage, order receipt, order selection and packaging, order delivery, and frequently, return processing. As a result, it provides a completely hands-off solution for businesses that prefer to devote their resources—including labour—to other aspects of the company.

Therefore, a fulfilment centre can accomplish all tasks that a warehouse is capable of, but it is uncommon for a warehouse to provide all the services that a fulfilment centre does. What works for your organisation will entirely depend on what you plan to outsource, how much storage space you require to maintain a consistent flow of business, and your ability to continue exceeding client expectations.

How Warehousing and Fulfilment Operate

Third-party logistics (3PL) companies that offer warehousing and fulfilment services handle the packing, shipping, and storage of your goods.

You'll need a place to keep your products until buyers make their orders once you've acquired or developed them and posted them for sale on your website or marketplace of choice.

Warehouses can help with it. Large storage spaces with a focus on housing inventories are called warehouses.

A step further is taken by fulfilment services, which store your products in their warehouses and pack and dispatch orders as they come in.

For e-commerce companies, this can be a big time-saver, especially if you don't have the resources to handle order fulfilment yourself.

It's also important to keep in mind that fulfilment services frequently have established connections with big shipping companies like UPS and FedEx, which enables them to obtain delivery discounts. And that can eventually save you a considerable amount of money.

Storage vs. fulfilment

Warehousing and fulfilment are the two primary choices for managing inventories and transporting goods.

Businesses can efficiently manage orders and delivery and keep an eye on their inventory with the help of a warehouse. Startups on a restricted budget may face considerable difficulties due to the high cost of purchasing or renting property.

Large-scale inventory storage frequently necessitates more personnel and pricey equipment.

A less expensive alternative is frequently fulfilment centres. With numerous different pricing tiers available, these facilities often operate on a subscription model, making them affordable for companies of various sizes.

Staffing needs are often low due to the efficient order fulfilment procedure.

For other businesses, however, who have to carefully forecast their production or supply requirements, the lack of control over inventories might be a problem.

Advantages of a fulfilment facility

Using a fulfilment centre or 3PL has many advantages. Using all that a 3PL has to offer will make your business more successful and profitable, regardless matter how big or little your online operation is. For your internet business, you should employ a 3PL for the following reasons:

Stop Keeping Inventory in Storage

Your products can be securely kept in a 3PL warehouse thanks to a 3PL, so you won't have to worry about needing a simple warehouse or using your garage to keep physical products and packing boxes. The fulfilment centre will have quick access to the products anytime they are needed, allowing them to pull them for shipment from the warehouse. Customers will be happier and more satisfied as a result of the quicker delivery of your products to them.

Nothing to Pack and Ship

By using fulfilment distribution facilities, you can forget about worrying about shipping and packing. Place the duty in the expert hands of another person and you can relax knowing that as soon as your products are taken from the warehouse, they will be packaged and dispatched fast and efficiently. As opposed to other options, you might not have to pay a la carte shipping fees.

The Professionals Handle the Tasks

You want the tasks associated with order fulfilment to be completed appropriately when you have to undertake them. Using a fulfilment centre to handle high-volume order fulfilment, including packaging, shipping, and warehouse storage, allows you to delegate these jobs to professionals in the industry.

Effects of Shipping on Customer Service

When it comes to consumer satisfaction and favourable customer feedback, shipping is a crucial component of the online purchasing experience. Several customers claim that their total online purchasing experience has been most memorable for the delivery experience.

Does it arrive on time? Is the packaging in bad shape? Was the merchandise delivered properly? All of these inquiries relate to the shipping process and the factors that customers take into account when determining whether the shipment process was as good as it could be.

Since you're assigning this responsibility to another business, you should ensure that the fulfilment businesses' shipping procedures are of the highest calibre. You cannot blame the fulfilment firms if your customers receive defective merchandise. No matter who handles each step of order fulfilment, you are ultimately in charge of the entire client experience.

Price of the fulfilment centre

The puzzle's cost component is one, but it's a significant one. Although you shouldn't primarily rely on the cost of the fulfilment services, you should make sure you can afford them like Amazon Fulfillment and Shopify Fulfillment. If you locate a 3PL firm that provides everything you require and is willing to collaborate with you, find out if they are prepared to provide cost-effective service bundles or package discounts to maximise your savings.


You can now choose which is best for your online business now that you know what a fulfilment centre is and how it differs from warehouse suppliers. For businesses that need flexible fulfilment, third-party warehouses are the best option since they provide you with greater control over the total cost of fulfilment.